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Andy Hayes Oregon State Treasury
Andy Hayes Oregon State Treasury 
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Investment officers often claim meal allowances on trips from the moment they leave their front door until the moment they return. On multi-day trips, they add up fast.

On a 16 day-trip to Seoul, Hong Kong and Sydney last November, investment officer Andy Hayes claimed $2,300 for meal allowances. That covered every meal on the trip, though Treasury records show he was to attend multiple meetings and a conference where meals were provided, not to mention meals provided on several flights.

That's not how it works for other state employees.

The statewide policy set by the state Department of Administrative Services requires state employees to deduct any free meal from their daily allowance.

"You should not make a claim for reimbursement if you've not made a personal outlay for an allowable expenditure," said Kathryn Ross, a DAS manager.

Other states have similar rules. Calpers, California's pension fund, prohibits investment officers claiming per diems for free meals. So does the Washington State Investment Board, which tries to reduce any potential for conflicts of interest by making sure its investment officers pay for their own meals.
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